Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't ya just love spring

First off I feel special! I got a gold star from Missy at Dork Stitch. Thanks!

Now onto the spring title. I just love the changing of the trees. From Spring to summer to fall to winter. I love the drastic changes in only a couple weeks. For example... I live on the corner of a dirt road and a paved road, in the middle of the country. This first picture was taken from the middle of the dirt road only about a week and a half ago.

And this one was taken yesterday.

It's just so pretty!

On a stitching note I've been working on Brighter Tomorrows. Sadly I've had to frog two leaves. I've been miss counting them and putting them too close to the flowers. And let me tell you these flowers are kinda a pain to stitch! Not really sure why but they bother me!

Well hope everyone is enjoying their weather. If your drowning in rain just remember God promises!


Julie said...

Your blog is great!!! I am so inspired to mske this pattern Brighter Tomorrows!! I have a friend who is going through breast cancer.
I am follwing your blog!! I am adding you to my daily blog reads.
Great blog!!

missy-tannenbaum said...

Your town really does look beautiful in spring! It's pretty nice here, too, especially today, but I haven't been down any roads quite like the ones you have photos of. Also, thanks for reposting the gold star- I'm glad you like it! I will work to make more Smurf patterns, so if there are any in particular you want, let me know!