Friday, May 7, 2010

Update on Brighter Tomorrows

Well we were suppose to go to an old car show today but it's rainy and cloudy out. *pouts* I did manage to get all the crosses done on Brighter Tomorrows yesterday.

Now to work on the backstitching. Wish me luck! I should have this done in another two days or so, if I have time to stitch.

Tomorrow we are meeting my mom in town to go see Iron Man 2. Yay! But other than that I should be able to stitch all day!


Emily said...

Wow, you're flying through that ... its looking awesome!! Have fun w/Mom at the movies ... give her hugs for me and tell her I said Hi and Luv ya!!

Dawn said...

I love to look for salt and pepper shakers when I goto to antique stores or even new ones. I have 2 sets of cats -- one that use to be my MOM's and another set I found I liked.