Monday, May 3, 2010

Early Mother's Day for my Mom

So yesterday we went over to my mom's. I gave her her Mother's Day presents early, since we might be in NY for Mother's Day. I made her dinner of scallop potatoes and ham. All she has to do is cook it. I believe she's making it tonight. Also made her a mom keychain

a mother's necklace (with her birthstone, and mine and my little brother Johnnies...we share the same birthstone)

and a box. The picture didn't come out great, still can't take great close ups with this camera. I used cute little shimmery blue silver beads on it too.

She loved all the presents. Even the cute stuffed bear I showed you guys earlier. So anyways we tried working on Emily's birthday present. Lol I say tried, she agrees the pattern directions made no sense. So today i'm just going to work on it with directions in my head. Some day i'll get it finished and mailed to you Emily.

Here are our stitching buddies

This is Shadow

and this is Deogee (say the letters d o g) I just find this to be a the cutest dog name. Always gives me a little giggle when I think about it.

And this is their newest little pet. He's so cute! (Sorry about the flash on the glass)

Hope you all had a great day yesterday and another one today!

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Parsley said...

Love the pics of your dogs and bearded dragon (that's what it is right?) Animals of all kinds make me smile.