Saturday, May 8, 2010


Well maybe not actually Antiques... but all was bought yesterday at antique stores.

We ended up going to an antique mall.... Technically it's 6 antique stores all next to each other. We managed to make it through 3 of them before they closed! And I found something in all three of them!

The first store I found this... it was just too cute to pass up for 2 dollars

Then I was amazed when we went into the second store and found these for 50 cents each! I just love the Mary one. The Santa I just couldn't pass up for 50 cents.

And in the last one I found these wonderful fabrics. One for 2 dollars the other for 4. Not sure what i'll make with them yet but I couldn't pass up the Chinese food one!

Also I found this cute little purse for 2 dollars in the last store with the fabrics. It has Scooby on it so I just had to buy it.

Once we got home I really wasn't in any mood to stitch so I did not work on Brighter Tomorrows. I think after we go see the movie with mom i'm going to go visit my new cross stitch store and see if they have some pretty green fabric I can stitch the Lizzy Kate Merry Christmas pattern I started buying. Also need to grab a few over-dyed threads for the dog and cat patterns I picked up last time. I've never used over-dyed threads. Is there really anything special about them?


Parsley said...

Great finds! I want to go shopping with YOU! haha

I've used overdye threads and they are lovely. I think the darker ones can transfer color. Maybe some more experienced stitchers have hints for you.

Topcho said...

Lol, those fabrics are really awesome! :D
Mmm... may I bee a noob and ask what exactly is overdyed thread? ^^"