Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bad bad bad Cat

I was super bad today and went to JoAnn's and spent too much money! I'm usually pretty good when I go in there, but today was a different story....

I bought a ton of things. Mostly all stuff I needed. *wink*
I bought stuff to make a necklace for both Eleni and for Effie. Who is doing great. John talked to her for a little bit today.

The pink ribbon/pink beads is for Eleni and the butterfly/purple beads for Effie.

I also picked up this kit real cheap to do for Effie.

I also took a quick moment to go through the basket of ribbons but was in a hurry (didn't notice how long I had spent in the store and had to pick up dad) so I just grabbed four new ones. But here are all the ones I bought last time and today.

I also picked up a cute cat/dog stencil on the clearance shelf for 50 cents, some other beads on clearance and the thread colors I was missing for the ladybug needle book.

And lastly I bought a pillow and the fabric to go with my Love pattern i'm working on.

I think it goes with it really good. I started doing the white patchwork outline, and John said he didn't really like it. So now i'm kinda torn... should I stitch in the patchwork or just leave it off? I put a poll up. Help me decide!


Parsley said...

Fun finds at the store! I couldn't begin to decide about the white....

Dawn said...

I would back stitch it in white!! :)
- always fun to shop in crafts stores!!!

Emily said...

Naughty kitty!! You better have some shopping time for me when I get up there in a few weeks!!! LOVE the stuff you got ... those necklaces are going to be purty!!!

I love the material for the pillow .. I agree w/john .. I'd leave off the white .. especially with the black/red fabric

Nick said...

I kind of like the white patchwork outline but I think it would look just as nice without it.

I love the green sticker priced kits @ JoAnns, thats where I got Wash Line Blues & Hot Stuff. I haven't been since picking up Hot Stuff almost 2 months ago, so a trip may be in order! Walking out of any store with too much is the story of my life! lol