Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting my Mojo back

First and foremost... any of you that pray please say a pray today for John's Aunt Effie. She is having a tumor removed from her brain. We are sitting by the phone waiting to hear any news. Thank you!

Today I received my other two things I ordered from my birthday money from dad.

I got sick of losing my needle all the time so I got a needle minder. It's a cute kitty silhouette. I also ordered a Biscornu kit. I've never made one but I see you blogging/stitching friends making them from time to time and I want to try one. The fabric it came with is so pretty. It's 32 count Opalescent Raw Belfast Linen. I've never used linen or a count so high. Please share any words of encouragement, tips, or experiences on this count, using linen, or making biscourns! I'm kinda scared to try it.

I also went to JoAnn's yesterday for a quick minute. And it really was a quick minute because I came down with a migraine! I saw in the UK magazine I had gotten, an article about painting your fabric instead of dying it and I wanted to try it. So I bought a little bottle of fabric paint. (I just let John pick whatever color) I also got ladybug fabric to take a stab at making a needle/scissor book with that ladybug pattern I got. (think Emily is going to receive it, I know how much she loves ladybugs! *smiles*) Also right by the checkout they had huge baskets full of little spools of ribbon marked down! Man if my head hadn't been pounding so I could of sat there for a half hour just going through the two baskets. As it was I managed to grabbed a few that I thought were really cute.

Also John finally finished his video game! I have my tv back!!!! I still didn't know what to work on at that time so I started this.

It's from the UK magazine also. It's suppose to be a British Flag with the Love underneath.... but I decided I really liked the patchwork Love and i'm thinking of making it into a pillow. Didn't really see any fabric for the pillow while I was at JoAnn's yesterday so hopefully i'll find something I like.

Happy Stitching!


Emily said...

yay!!! I'm getting my MOJO-JoJo back too!!!! I LOVE the limey-green w/ladybugs!!!! Let me know how John's Aunt is doing!!


Amy said...

Prayers for John's Aunt.

I have been thinking about doing a biscornu. Let me know what it is like.

Have a wonderful day.

Blu said...

Prayers for John's Aunt

As for the biscornu:
Count your backstitch. Twice.
Take your time.
If you think you've stuffed it full, stick a bit more in.

If you're really nervous, make a test one out of some scrap so that Cherry Blossoms isn't the first one you go with.

As for linen, just keep an eye on your counting. It shouldn't be an issue with a small piece, but don't hop large spaces. It's easy to miss a thread.

Overall, just have fun~