Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Thanks for the prayers for John's Aunt. She is doing great. She was up walking around just a little while after the surgery. And she gets to go home most likely tomorrow. The surgery even went better than the doctors thought. I found a couple things i'd like to stitch up for her. Just have to wait for them to arrive.

Last night I was messing around on the xbox and downloaded a game demo of diner dash. I wanted to check it out and I got addicted! I bought the game and played it for a couple hours! So I didn't get a ton stitching on my Love pillow. But here is my progress.

I did get a little mad at myself for not reading the directions. I was suppose to stitch with 4 threads for red and 2 threads for white. Oh well. It still looks good with 2 for the red. Hopefully I can stitch on it some more today. Hope everyone has a great day!

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Nick said...

What, your supposed to read the directions?!? lol I have done the same thing before and not used the right color/color combinations/number of threads. Btw, I really like the new Patriotic background!